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Maryna & Serhij Dyachenko

Марина и Сергей Дяченко

Maryna Dyachenko, a former actress, began her literary career before she learned to write. She is the author of "The tale about the engine" and "The thief tricks" published in a single copy. She entered the Kiev Theatre Institute, played on stage, including even Desdemona, but never managed to learn the writing. Today she is a successful author.

Serhij Dyachenko is a doctor, psychiatrist, and PhD.  He graduated from VGIK (scenario faculty). He authored a number of movies, being the six-episode serial "Nikolay Vavilov" and the feature film "Golod-33". He won the State Prize of Ukraine and the prize of "Literaturnaya gazeta" and the magazine "Ogoniok".

Maryna and Serhij Dyachenko debuted as authors in 1994 - their first novel, "Privratnik", became a laureate of many prizes. 

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